Personalized Postage Stamps

If the USPS isn't designing what you want - design your own Personalized Postage Stamps to use on your mail!

Dogs at Play - the perfect picture for custom postage stamps

The process is fast and easy - basically you upload a digital picture, make any adjustments to the design, then pay and check out. A week or so later they should arrive in your mailbox.

I am sure you have much cooler and interesting pictures than my personal designs on this page...well, except for my dogs - that stamp will be hard to beat!

Show off your custom postage stamps and share your story by clicking here.

Custom Postage Stamp - The Louvre looking towards the Glass Pyramid and main entrance
Customized Postage Stamps - here a statue outside the Louvre in Paris, France

I have used these stamps to remember travels to new places, commemorating special events, and just to add some excitement to mailings. These are valid for use on mail by the USPS and you can adjust the shape, size and denomination when designing these Personalized Stamps.

Some of my favorite uses are to remember vacations or travels to new and interesting places. Above are a few from a trip to Paris a few years ago. The art and architecture were amazing. I know it is dfficult to do justice to the scale, size and majesty of the Louvre but these custom stamps bring it all back.

A Guam Sunset on a Personalized Postage Stamp

From my time living in Guam I have countless pictures of postcardesque overlooks and sunsets. These just make me smile. Who wouldn't love to be transported to a tropical paradise when reading the mail?

Whatever the subject, using your own digital pictures for postage is an easy and fun way to express yourself through stamps, remember good times or commemorate events. Just be careful, it's easy to get carried away and try and capture everything on your own Customized Stamps!

You just may find yourself mailing letters to friends and family out of the blue just to show off your designs. They'll appreciate it and you'll have fun with it, too.

Guam Mt. Lam Lam overlooking the South Pacific on a Customized Postage Stamp

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