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This site is full of stamp collecting tools, information, and stories of this great hobby, which can be found using the links in the toolbar at left and embedded page links that you can click for more specific and detailed information. Plus there are tons of pictures and videos - like this US Stamps video (mostly 1850s to 1930s).

Help! What should I do with these stamps?

Let's start with the most common questions for someone that is trying to sell stamps and we'll jump on to other topics from there.

How much are your stamps worth? Click for more on stamp collecting values.

How do you know what to do with them? Should you sell with stamp dealers, stamp auctions, online sales, or just keep them?

British Indian Ocean stamp collecting set of tropical fish

I want to give you the tools you need to figure out what is best for you without the hundreds of hours of research it takes to gain a comprehensive understanding of the hobby and current market.

Maybe you are interested in learning more about the hobby. We should talk and I want to provide all the information you need.

You can be enticed with stories and pictures of famous old US stamps like the Zeppelins of the early 1930's - issued at the height of the Great Depression - or you can read and submit your own stories and photos of modern custom postage stamps.

Washington's profile is depicted in this 1908 U.S. Stamp
Monaco Birds Stamps

Are you already a lifer? Great! Help me make this a gathering place for like-minded philatelists.

I’ve got to confess I will try to influence you to join the best hobby in the world. Prepare to be tempted...and I can't control where life will take you if you catch the bug and start spending your Friday nights flipping through stamp albums!

Trying to figure out where to find good info can be scary, even if you're just wondering what to do about those old stamps sitting in the to go about that should be easy to find too.

Stamp Collecting can be Overwhelming!

What is this stamp collecting stuff????

I can't imagine how stressful it must be to try and figure out to do with a stamp collection, often inherited, without previous stamp experience. With that in mind I want to provide clear and useful information to get you started down the path of what can be a big decision.

This is a work in progress started in August 2012 but I hope to have a few decades to keep working on it and adding useful information and stories J

How to sell stamps, figure out what they’re worth, what stamp collecting supplies work best for you, and we have to spend some time on the great stories of collecting, there's a lot to do so I better get to work!

To Navigate through the site just click on a link that sounds interesting - the embedded links in the pages and the links in the navigation bar at upper left are a great place to start.

Also, you can use the Google Search bar further down or go to the SiteSearch page which has further search functions.

Please let me know what you think, contribute to the site however and wherever works for you (the site is setup for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+), and don't hesitate to let me know what you think should be added next.

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Stamp Values for a Stamp Collection, Old Stamps and Current Rate Stamps
Stamp Values for a Stamp Collection, Old Stamps and Current Rate Stamps
Buy Stamps
Buy Stamps Online Now
Stamp Auctions - When should you sell your stamp collection through an auction?
Stamp Auctions - When should you use an auction house to sell your stamp collection?
Custom Postage Stamps - Design your own Stamp and Personalize your Mail
Custom Postage Stamps - Design your own Stamp and Personalize your Mail
Postage Stamp Picture Gallery - Photos of Early US and Worldwide Stamps
Postage Stamp Picture Gallery. Photos of Early US and Worldwide Stamps
How to Sell Stamps : Stamp Auctions, Stamp Dealers, Online Auctions, and more!
How to Sell Stamps - From selling an inherited stamp collection to becoming a stamp dealer.
US Stamps - a philatelic history of famous and rare stamps
US Stamps - a philatelic history of the famous and rare stamps of the United States.
Stamp Collecting Blog
This Stamp Collecting Blog keeps you up to date on additions to the Web site. Subscribe here!
Stamp Collecting Albums - The final destination for many stamps
Stamp Collecting Albums : The Final Destination for many Stamps.
Stamp Collecting Supplies - Albums, Pages, Tongs, etc.
Stamp Collecting Supplies - Albums, Pages, Tongs and all the supplies of the hobby
Forever Stamp Pictures
Forever Stamp Pictures - Recent Commemorative Stamp Designs
Stamp Clubs and Societies - What are they all about?
Stamp Clubs and Societies - What are they all about?
Stamp Collecting Resource SiteSearch
Stamp Collecting Resource SiteSearch - Google this site or the entire web
Stamp Collecting Links
Stamp Collecting Links
First Day Covers
First Day Covers. Collecting stamps used the first day it is released is what FDCs are all about.
US Postage Stamps : A Primer on Stamps, old and new.
US Postage Stamps - Rare stamps to modern US Postal Service issues.
Buy Stamps Tips : A How-To Guide for Collectors and Investors
Buy Stamps - How to Purchase Stamps as a Hobby or Investment
Topical Stamp Collecting
Topical Stamp Collecting is booming and with good reason!
Contact Me!
Contact Me! Enter a private message here.
Stamp Stories - Rare and Unusual with Pictures and History
Stamp Stories - Rare and Unusual with Pictures and History

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