Topical Stamp Collecting

A classic topical stamp collecting area is ships and boats such as the beautifully engraved example shown here with Cameroon Scott #8.

Topical Stamp Collecting is wildly popular and growing for good reason.

A large number of collectors want to tailor their stamp collection to a subject matter they really care about, such as Animal Stamps, Space stamps, Disney stamps, Music stamps, and on and on.

I think we can all understand the emotional connection of collecting a stamp genre that is personally meaningful.  I love talking to collectors to hear the stories of what topicals they collect and why.

This multi-colored France Airmail stamp (Scott #C32) is a tasty find to for those into airplane topical stamp collecting. The neat, clear 1957 cancel just adds to its desirability.

This will be a work in progress and I'll be updating this page with whatever catches my interest or to respond to requests but am thinking there will be brief sections here with clickable links to more detailed pages about each topical stamp collecting area.

Animal Stamps

This gorgeous Greenland stamp shows a rare polar bear on stamp, a great find if you're interested in animal topical stamp collecting!

Animal Stamps (links to my page with more info) :

Perhaps the most popular of all topicals, there are countless stamps out there with animals that make this a challenging and deep subject.  Many collectors further narrow down to collect fish, birds or a specific type of animal.

Some of the most beautiful and exotic stamps have been issued by small tropical island countries with designs showing off the dazzling local animal life in all its most wondrous and colorful forms.

Space Stamps

Space stamps are a popular topical stamp collecting area. This Hong Kong stamp shows a satellite and it's up to you to decide if it fits in your topical stamp collection or not!

Space Stamps :

One of the most beloved and collected areas in all stamp collecting is for stamps with a space theme.  Countries around the world really began printing space designs in the 1950s and have not let up since.

You can trace the history of space exploration and take an imaginary voyage to the edge of the known universe all from the comfort of your local stamp dealer's table.

Disney Stamps

This Disney stamp shows Minnie Mouse and is one of an unbelievable number of stamps available for Disney topical stamp collecting.

Disney Stamps :

People all over the world love Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and all the myriad Disney characters.

Many of us have childhood memories of our own Disney experiences and parents love the bonding experience of introducing their own children to the Disney world.

This love has spawned a surprisingly popular topic that could be a virtually never-ending collection as there are probably many thousands of different Disney stamps issued over the past 50 or so years.

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